Vytautas Ver.4 Information

Ver.4 to ACT2:
Less "bubbling"
Complete oto
Fixed aliases
Wider range in octaves and genres.
Singing speed slightly increased (Sounds clearer on fast songs than ACT2)

Ver.4 to Ver.3:
Smoother note transitions
Better oto
Singing speed increased
MUCH Clearer
Needs less out of UTAU fixing
Octave reach increased
Stronger consonants (not sure if people like that though...)
Weaker pronounciation of "r"
More metalic sounding
"Ri"s "r" is rolled slightly. (Bad habit...)

Overall, I think that V4 is the supreme best out of all the Vytautas versions.

I will later-on do a full comparison with all the Vytautas. (ACT1 to V4)

Comment or send an e-mail to me if you'd like to beta test him.
There might be a re-recorded pack of "r" sounds added to the vb. I dont know yet.

[ 2013/08/19 13:21 ]

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Vytautas V4 in progress!
Due to version 3 being too quiet and whisper-like, Vytautas 4 is being recorded now.

Changes to Vytautas:
More Clear
More Powerful?

Maybe there will be a re-design or something.

That's all for now.

[ 2013/08/17 14:48 ]

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Gui Chen Multi-Pitch!
Gui Chen is the only voicebank in which my recording accent has consistency, so I decided to make a multi-pitch for him.

Currently his voice has two pitches, and is planned to have four to five.

Gui Chen's normal Pitch has the "Puffly English Extension" as Valto does. This meaning that he has English sounds as well as the regular CV Japanese.

His design is also in progress now.
If anyone wants to suggest ideas, then go ahead.
(Themes...colors...anything is appreciated.)

[ 2013/05/05 09:00 ]

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Valto English Newest Demo! (' w '.

The song is Mr.Saxobeat (Originally sung by Alexandra Stan)
Demo Link
[ 2013/04/21 20:44 ]

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Gettin` into yo` Pants [Nikomasho style]
lemme slap dat booty
< o > w < o >)/
Nikomasho belongs to Patricio/Escape-Kagome/suicnerocks149
XDDD He's so adorable and fuzzy and stuff
[ 2013/03/23 13:48 ]

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